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 Stationary Engines

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                1912 Bessimer oil fired 22 1/2 HP owned by Tom Voellm                                                  1910 Otto 10hp. Owner Tom Voellm


          55 HP Atlas Imperial Donated by the Duryea Ice Company                               1939 GM Diesel I-71 1 of  630 ever made. Owner Tom Voellm
                                        Montauk, L.I. N.Y.



                    2HP STOVER owned by Dieter Lund                                                  1915 Fairbanks-Morse 15hp. from Long Island, N.Y. Owner Dieter Lund

               3 HP Lorenz Stationary      owner Tom Voellm                                        1911 Deutz "Otto" 8HP. Built on November 5th. 1911
                                                                                                                                                  Owner Tom Voellm


     Stationary 1909 Engine Built for John Deere   owner Alan McConachie               1911 Duetz "Otto" 4/8 8 HP. Built on August 4th. 1911
                                                                                                                                                 Owner Dieter Lund 



               1905 Evans 18 HP Oil Fired    Owner Tom Voellm                                             1905 Alamo 9 HP. Owner Tom Voellm



               Briggs and Stratton 4 HP running a Compressor                                 A 1917 Novo, Engine was used on a ship. Owner Tom Voellm
                         Owner  Alan Wiessman



       1929 Fairbanks 55 HP  owners:  Dieter Lund   Tom Voellm                                   1920 Fairbanks-Morse 10hp. Owner Dieter Lund
                                                                                                                     Engine used on Long Island Estate for electric and water 
     71        77    

                         A 1909 Arc motor. Owner Alan McConnachie                                  1902 Fairbanks-Morse Engine 5 HP. Owner Alan McConnachie

     78     79

     1917 Sears Economy 1.5 HP. Sold originally for $35.00, drill press not included!                          3 HP. Novo Engine, Owner Charlie Hughes
                                             Owner Lee Pedersen

     80     81

          1923 International Havester 10 HP Gas Engine, Owner Dave Gardiner                              1925 NB Fuller & Johnson, Owner Daniel E. Young

     82                    84

               1915 International Havester "Tom Thumb". Owner Bruce L.Young                              1928 Maytag Washing Machine. Owner Bruce L. Young

The Following Are All Hand-Crafted Working Engine Models
All Are Made By George Luhrs
George Luhrs

 / email GLuhrs@minimodelengines.com
     GL1          GL2

     GL3          GL4

     GL5         GL6    
The Engines Below Are Owned By Gene Shepherd of Shelter Island, N.Y.
They Are Running On 100% Vegetable Oil!

     85               86
                                             2004 FuKing 6 HP                                                          1948 Lister Engine powering a generator and operating the light

     87          88
                                        1916 Lister Engine                                                                                     1905 Excelsior Engine Used to Pump Water on 
                                                                                                                                                                          Shelter Island, New York

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