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Hello to all. It’s hard to believe that another year has gone by, We are coming together more and more with additional events throughout the year and the passion to see the organization grow and being known to many on Long Island and beyond into other states in the Northeast. The Power Association experienced a couple of milestones in 2017, one being its 25th anniversary and the other is growing to over 300 members. A special thanks to all the club members who donate their time, not a paycheck, but for pride in what they do best and see the organization grow into something that we are all proud of.

Power Association director “Big Mike” Dioniso is continuing to pursue belt driven equipment for the organization to own. Mike and the Board realize that belt driven equipment is essential to presenting to the public demonstrational equipment that shows what farming was like in the past. It’s so very interesting to see when we go to other shows like Kinzers, these demonstrations and to be able to bring that to the Power Association to show year after year is very good. Many of these pieces are getting harder and harder to find as years go by. Mike would like to say a big thank you to the following men; George and Freddy, Matt who goes far and wide in search of this equipment wherever it may be, John Randall, Steve Gifford, Ted and Teddy and Ed and Kurt Zimmerman for all of their hard work and dedication.

The new blacksmith shop is up with its frame and roof built by Shirk Industries. The sides are almost completed and this is from raw materials that was produced by our sawmill and its crew, once again coming through cutting down major costs which would have once been purchased. The water pipe is installed and operating with thanks to George Venth. The electric is run to the building, thanks to Don Fisher. This is going to be another feature for our spectators to see at our events. I know our Blacksmith, Ron Grabowski is ready to go acquiring an anvil and other items to get us up and running. Thanks Ron!

The Engine Room is coming along very well with the Ruston Hornsby Engine nearing completion. We are waiting for a time for additional cement to be delivered from Kenny Edwards and it will then be close to completion. There is a lot of hard work and dedication by Dieter Lund, Tom Voellm, Nelson Mangan and Bill Shea, rescuing these engines from being scrapped and becoming a piece of history. Saving these incredible engines and bringing them back to life for everyone to gaze upon and enjoy. A big thank you goes to Dieter, Tom, Nelson and Bill and all of the men who at one time or another participated and dedicated the time and effort.

The small engine guys are again as always putting on wonderful displays for the public to marvel and enjoy. Many people gather around and enjoy the displays and take pictures and ask questions and that is very educational to the public. There are so many men to thank, Joe Gress, Cliff Suppa, Bill Hall, Mike Mecuri, Jr., Stew Nichols, Fred Reaver, Charlie Hughes and Steve Wolbert.

Moving to the Garden Tractor Pullers, first off, would like to say thank you to Jim Page for rebuilding the pulling sled. Jim acquired the wood for the sled from Bill Pfeffer at the sawmill and rebuilt the whole sled from the wood to hardware. It was getting a little thin in the skin and was in need of attention and is now completed and ready to go. We would like to see more participation in the garden tractors as it is a very important part of our shows. If you are interested in getting involved, please talk to Jim Page or one of the officers or directors.

The Large Tractor Pullers quite frankly need to be more involved. This year’s show had a decent turn out but very few pulled. The tractors are there on display but when time to pull, it was a no show for many. Both the large and garden tractors are a key component to our shows as people do come to see us put on a show. Tractors sitting idle are not as interesting as seeing them work. Please be more involved with your club, it’s not just a few of us here to put on a show but all of us as a team if you will. Please be attentive and know that garden tractors always start pulling at 10:00 which means by 9:30 you should be at the track next to your tractor waiting for instructions from Jim Page. The Parade of Power is at 1:00 pm lets have the tractors, etc. ready to go after lunch. The large tractor pulls start after that as always. We must be more prompt and professional about this. Many come to see this show from far and near and it’s not fair to those people. We are noticing many members leaving the keys in the tractors which is not good us. As you can imagine if the parents and kids that come to spectate and they sit on one and then turn the key. Not a pretty site for us as the injuries that can come from some child turning a key and starting a tractor. Please from now on going forward ALWAYS REMOVE THE KEYS FROM YOUR EQUIPMENT!!!! Also, everyone who has a utility and or golf cart operating on the grounds MUST have a copy of their insurance for the vehicle on file with the Power Association. Please make sure one is given to Susie Young. One more item to mention is the speed that some are driving around on the grounds during the shows. Please slow it down and take it easy as there is no rush and again a spectator or fellow member getting injured is not good. The top speed should be the same pace as a person walking next to you. We are all here to have a good time and have fun!! Thank you.

Last, but not least, is the Truck Pulls; we are having a great time getting people out of their houses on a Saturday night and having fun. Thank you to all the drivers for participating, thrilling crowds and putting on an excellent show. Thank you to all the members who do the announcing, admissions, hookup the sled, load blocks, security and Hines catering for coming out and making it all possible. Doing these events are a lot of fun and getting our club noticed. It is making it possible to do improvements on the grounds, buildings, getting a new boiler for the steam tractor. It is a lot of dedication amongst us all donating the time and effort making it possible. Our Christmas Party was to say the least incredible. I don’t believe we ever had a turn out like that; around 130 people. Mr. and Mrs. Claus stopped on by and gave out presents to all the children who came which brightened their eyes and that makes it all worthwhile. I would like to thank all who came out, brought a dish and or desert, Jeff Klaverweiden for doing the auction and just making it enjoyable with his sense of humor. Lou Salvatico from the Hotel Indigo for the gift card dinner donation, Sandy and Steve Barker, Jen Card, Bob and Rose Gruber, Amy and Dieter Lund, Jen Lund, Tom Lund, Annette and Mike Mecuri, Big Mike, Jeff and Diane Klaverweiden, Susie Young, Michele Schaefer, Dave Young.

In closing I would like to thank you for your participation and we look forward to the 2018 operating year. Happy New Year Everyone!!


Joe Venth, Vice President


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