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The 1929 Buffalo Springfield Life Story

The roller started its life in Manhattan, New York at the Sicilian Asphalt
Co. in 1929. I think they used it and the smaller 10 ton  roller we have 
until the 1940's. I have heard the company had several that they stored 
inside when they did not use them anymore. The man that owned the Sicilian Asphalt Co. was Mr. Haggerty who had a summer house in  Remsenburg, N.Y. out near Riverhead, N.Y. He brought them there, kept in a barn and used at the summer employee parties. The older retired employees loved to operate them at the parties in the 1950's and 60's. Then they sat in the barn until 1970. Mr. Haggerty's family had an auction among the several rollers he stored there that got sold that day, John Degen of Southampton, N.Y. bought 2 of them. He did repairs on each of them. He ran them at shows and ran them in parades. He reached a point that he was not able to operate them due to health reasons so they sat again. About 10 years go by and he donates them to the Long Island Antique Power Association. The club moves them to our rented barn and they sit for a  few more years. The club decides that I am a logical choice to get the rollers up and running, because I went to steam school and work with steam, boilers, and pipes on a daily basis. I wash out the boiler, do some re-piping, get the boiler ultra sounded for thickness, and then get it inspected by our New York State Boiler Inspector. This is our second year of running it at our show. It is very time consuming owning a antique steam roller but I love running it. 

"I am drawn to steam like a moth to a porch light"

Jeff  Klaverweiden

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You can also view a movie clip on this amazing machine in our
"Movie Gallery"

To take your own personal ride on the Steam Roller, just click on the movie clips below and go for a ride with Jeff.

All Aboard! Your Engineer Jeff Klaverweiden gives you information for your departure.
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Here you get to hear the steam whistle and watch the connecting rods fly back and forth powering this magnificent machine.
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Riding along you get to see how much Jeff has to spin the steering wheel to get this chain driven steering linkage to turn. Also the pickup truck that drives in front of us, this don't have power disc brakes!
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Another facinating look at the all the parts that make this machine come to life. A piece of early 20th. century American Craftsmanship.
No made in Taiwan here!
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This concludes your ride on the 1929 Buffalo Springfield Steam Roller. Thanks for coming along.
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