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 April 2009
april 2009
Ollie was born in 1935. He came along ten years after his two sisters. Ollie's father, also named Ollie, was so proud to have a son that he had "Ollie Demchuck and Son" written on his potato truck door.

His father farmed sixty acres of potatoes in Calverton. They had a Fordson and two horses named, Dick and Tom. As a young boy, Ollie would harrow the fields crossways with Dick and Tom. Dick was always on the left and Tom on the right. They tried once to cross them over to no avail. They even were put in their stalls the same way. When the horses grew old, they retired them to pasture.

At five or six years of age, Ollie could steer the tractors in the fields. At nine, he would drive his uncle home to Riverhead in the potato truck. They had two potato trucks. When they dug the potatoes in the fall, they would fill the two trucks, then Ollie and his mother would drive them to the railroad station in Calverton. Ollie's head barely stuck up above the door window. People would point at him as he drove past them on his way to the station.

They farmed with a Farmall, regular. In 1944 they purchased a John Deere, B. Later they purchased an A. They also used two Farmall M's and an H.

Ollie joined the sheriffs department after his father passed on and served there for twenty-five years. Ollie claims that he used his overtime money to keep the farm from going broke because potatoes back then were bringing $1.75 to $2.00 per hundred weight.

One year the A blew up and covered him with oil and antifreeze. He was so excited he didn't even clean up when he went down town to buy a 1970 Oliver, 1650 and a three bottom rollover plow on the cuff.

Ollie used to get up at three in the morning and plow enough land until six o'clock, when his neighbors would come in to plant the potatoes while he went to work at the sheriffs department.

And now for the rest of the story....

Ollie had a lot of friends who enjoyed antique tractors. In 1988 he decided to have a tractor run on his farm. He invited about thirty friends to bring their treasures for a run and
b b q. I didn't have a tractor, but he invited me through Stanley to come and do the cooking for them. Sometimes while cooking the hot dogs and hamburgers on a full grill from right to left, a couple of hot dogs would roll off the grill allowing Ollie's dog to enjoy the b b q too.

After three years at Ollie's, a group of men in 1991 gathered at
Bruce's barn and the Long Island Antique Power Association was founded.

I saw it here from the cat bird's seat, Nes Kramer

FOR SALE: Two (2) - Eclipse Rocket-Reel type power mowers. Both run and
cut good. Also third rocket for parts. CALL: Bob Kaelin - 631-727-3813

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