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Our History

tractorThe year was the Bicentennial year. Our town was having a parade in October. After making phone calls to collectors of old iron, we had a gathering of 40 plus antique trucks, tractors and equipment for the parade and the annual Riverhead Country Fair the following day.
After seeing so much enthusiasm out rusty relics, the following May, our first informal meeting was held. Lo and behold 125 collectors showed up from all over Long Island. A decision was made for form a club. A name was decided on, Long Island Antique Power Association. We put on our first exhibition that year at Hallockville Museum Farm. Seventy-six tractors, nine trucks, and dozens of old engines, along with an antique tractor pull. One week later, we set up on exhibition at the Riverhead Country Fair. We’ve been a feature ever since,. Lately for the fair, we have started having lawnmower tractor pulls and now pedal tractor pulls for the kids from the public. The club decided to give each child a participant ribbon along with first, second and third place ribbons for the different age groups.

Since then we have put on shows at the Bridgehampton Historical grounds, a Christmas parade in Easthampton, Flying Point Park in Southampton, Suffolk County Farm in Yaphank, and at the Suffolk Community College Fall Festival in Speonk.

Recently we put on an old fashion contest at Cliff Fosters Farm in Sagaponack, N.Y. and Ed Tuccio’s North Quarter Farm in Riverhead, N.Y. It’s quite impressive to see fifteen to twenty old tractors and plows turning the soil.

Now we are having growing plans. We are very serious about starting a full time working farm museum. Whether sowing wheat threshing in late summer, planting potatoes and harvesting them the old fashioned way with the publics’ participation.

We have a theme for our group: “Preserve the Past for the Future”. Soon this island will be over taken by residential growth and the rich farming heritage will be thing of the past. All of the memories of what happened on this island untold to future generations. With the help of club members, the community and those who are just interested in preserving the past, we can make it happen.

With your help, the rusty “nuts” from the Long Island Antique Power Association will put together a farm museum that will be an asset to our community.

Thank you,

Bruce L. Young
Founder and Charter President

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